Wizard World Championship 2018

Final Standings ‚Wizard‘- and ‚Saboteur‘-World Championship

Last but not least, here are the final standings of the Wizard– and Saboteur– World Championship in Warschau last December. Take a look at the last 21st participants of these tournaments and welcome the winners of 2018. (weiter lesen…)

The Event Team

Nothing would work without the dedicated Staff Team that is responsible for organisation and performance!

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The Wizard Award Ceremony

The Wizarding World has a new World Champion – and here you find the Top 4 of this year’s World Championship!

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You find all informations about participants and prizes in this Article!
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Welcome to the PGE Narowody Stadium in Warsaw, Poland!

This weekend, we came to Warsaw to find two new World Champions – for the tricky and mind-gaming cardgames of Wizard and Saboteur!

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