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Saboteur World Champion 2017

The battle is fought, the last gold has been dug out and the final saboteur has been exposed. After 4 rounds of swiss and a final round we have a winner. The second Saboteur World Champion ever is Oscar Martin Portrero from Spain. Congratulations to this huge success!

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Wizard World Champion 2017

It’s over! The Wizard World Championship has been decided. After 4 rounds of Swiss and a final round we have a winner: Ignaz Punz takes this years title to Austria!

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Standings after Round 4

The Swiss portion of the event is over. We will start the finals any minute. But before we do that, let’s take a look at the final standings of this year’s World Championships. Some players are happy with their results, some dreams were shattered. But we like to keep with the olympic spirit: It’s the taking part that counts!

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Gallery: Impressions from Round 3

Here we have some pictures, shot during the third round:

Standings after Round 2

We are early in the afternoon and players are heading for lunch. We decided to make use of the break and take a look at the top players of each tournament. Who kept his chances alive and who is already out of the race? Take a look for yourself!

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Gallery: That’s the BaltiCon!

The BaltiCon is a bit smaller than expected, but that’s okay, because it’s the first one and we want to show you some of the things you can see here anyway:

Gallery: Before and during Round 1

Welcome to the Wizard & Saboteur World Championship 2017

Good morning and welcome to the Amigo Wizard and Saboteur World Championships here in Riga (Latvia). Amigo and the local distribution partner Brain Games are hosting this great event for us today. Coverage will continue all day long. We will provide video footage, interviews, pictures and so on.

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Wizard & Saboteur World Championships 2017 in Riga

Wizard, a game that is in AMIGOs portfolio since 1996, still finds a rising number of players around the world, Saboteur has the same since 2004.
Since the start of National Championships, a tournament series was founded where every player can participate and compete at the Wizard and Saboteur World Championship that is held once a year.

This year the World Championship takes place in Riga, Latvia. Champions and even runner-ups from many different countries compete versus one another to determine the World Champion.
Last year Robert Laschkolnig from Switzerland won the title of Wizard World Champion while Steven Chu from Hong Kong claimed Saboteur World Champion.

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