Winner TCG Masters (incl. Top 8 Decklists)


The last card is played and the breathtaking matches are over. Robin Schulz is the winner of the TCG Masters Division and we are happy to show you his and all of the Top 8 Decklists.

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Winner of Master Division VG (incl. Finalists Teamlists)


It’s finally here! The last attacks striked, the last time we were banned at a fascinating match and new the winner of the Videogame Master Divison has been chosen: Pascal Kiefer!

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Junior and Senior Winners of the TCG!


The final matches of the junior and master devision are played and would like to proudly announce the winners! Some exciting and breathtaking matches were held and now the winners are clear!

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TCG Metagame Analysis (Masters)


The new set of „Ancient Origins“ was released only a couple of weeks ago but cards of it are highly played on this tournament. And that’s what an Arena-Cup is for, the first big tournament to test new cards and decks and compete against each other on high Level.


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Junior and Senior Winners of the Videogame (incl. team lists)


The first winners are ready to be announced! Marie Seckingerwon the title in the Junior devision and Erik Finger in the Senior devision. Three swiss rounds were played and both earned the title of the „Arena-Cup Champion“. It’s quite sure that we will show you the lists of the winning Teams!
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