We have a winner!


Mehdi Hafi won the Arena Cup in Bochum, in the Master Division. He played 7 rounds of swiss and finally a top 8 cut. But he won, he won with a lot of knowledge and amazing plays. Now, he get many prices and many points for the World Championchip! He is very proud and happy.

Decklists from the top 8 is postet in a special post for you!

Top 8 TCG Masters Profiles and Deck Lists

Top 8

Seven exciting rounds of swiss are over, and only eight players are left to fight the final battles in the whole European 2014-2015 season. And here they are – the Top 8 TCG Masters of the Arena-Cup Bochum and their decks!

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Winner of Master Division (VG, incl. Top 4 team lists)


…Brandon Ikin from England! When he defeated Jamoe Boyt, who is also from Engl,and in an exciting final Match, the crowd cheered as loud as they could. We have the team list our top four participants here.

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Junior and Senior winners from Pokémon TCG!


It is over, this both players are the champions! After many rounds of swiss, their defeated a lot of opponents and are proud! They played very well. Now they got their prices and points. Both finalized the ranking to qualifier for the World Championchip.

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VG Metagame Analysis (Masters)

VG Metagame

The swiss rounds are over and we take a look back onto the most played Pokémon in Bochum. An interesting chart shows what was the play for this tournament, and players explain why the top Pokémon were so popular.

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Winners of Juniors & Seniors in VG (incl. team lists of the winners)


We have two winners! Noel Dittmeier and David Koutesh. Noel defeated his opponents in five rounds of swiss and is now the new VG Champion in Bochum. He is very proud and his team list can be found here. David defeated all his enemys and after 7 rounds of swiss, he is the new champion. Both players gain a lot of championchip points and can finalize the ranking for the World Championchip this year.

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