Goodbye from Salzburg!

129 players altogether have been here today in Salzburg and finally we know all the winners of our event. While the Germans came out on top of the Video Game tournament, the Austrians were slightly better in the TCG tournament, although „home player“ Dominik W. lost an exciting final match against Stephane I. from France. If you want to know what happened today, just click on the button below to get an overview of all our articles of today.

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Stéphane I. Wins the Arena Cup in Salzburg! (incl. Top 8 Deck Lists)

(von links nach rechts: Dominik W., Stéphane I. und Martina C.)

(from left to right: Dominik W., Stéphane I. und Martina C.)

After 12 hours we are happy to announce our Arena Cup champion! After six swiss rounds and three top cut rounds Stéphane I. could manage to win the tournament with his Ho-Oh EX/ Huntail Deck. He has just won the final against Dominik W., who was playing Yveltal with Archiops as special tech.

Read on to see all the top 8 deck lists:

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Top 8 Brackets (TCG Masters)

Header: TCG Masters Semifinals

The final rounds of the Arena Cup 2015 in Salzburg are in progress. Here you can get an overview with our top 8 brackets.

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Fotogalerie: The Show Must Go On

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