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Saboteur World Champion 2016

The battle is faught, the last gold has been dug out and the final saboteur has been exposed. After 4 rounds of swiss and a final round we have a winner. The first Saboteur World Champion is Steven Chu from Hong Kong.

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Wizard World Champion 2016

It’s over! The Wizard World Championship has been decided. After 4 rounds of Swiss and a final round we have a winner: Robert Laschkolnig takes this years title to Switzerland!
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Interview: Frederic Moyersoen, author of Saboteur

For our last interview of this event we met with Frederic Moyersoen, the author of Saboteur. He’s from Belgium and has already released more than 30 games. We asked how he came up with the idea of the game and how he feels about events like this. Stay tuned to find out!
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It’s crunch time!

This is it! That’s what every player dreamed of. This is the place they wanted to be at at the end of the day: the final tables. Over the course of the event the field was trimmed down to the best 4 players in the Wizard tournament as well as the best 6 players of the Saboteur tournament. Both finals just started and we want to show you what’s going down at the tables. Take a look at the finalists and the action at the tables!
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Standings after Round 4

The Swiss portion of the event is over. We will start the finals any minute. But before we do that let’s take a look at the final standings of this year’s World Championship. Some players are happy with their results, some dreams were shattered. But we like to keep with the olympic spirit: It’s the taking part that counts!

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Interview: Julie Yeager from Mayfair Games

Mayfair Games is a local publisher of board and train games in the United States. The company has been around since 1981 they are publishing English language games. The company is located in Skokie, Illinois. We spoke to Julie Yeager the Director of Marketing and Community Engagement about her company and the way she feels about Saboteur.
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Standings after Round 2

We are early in the afternoon and players are heading for lunch. We decided to make use of the break and take a look at the top players of each tournament. Who kept his chances alive and who is already out of the race? Take a look for yourself!

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Interview: Jason Van Haecke National Champion of the United States


Jason van Haecke is the National Champion of the United States. He travelled all the way from Indiana to Budapest. We asked him for an interview to find out how he feels about the game and the event itself.
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Gallery: Trophies & Prices


Wizard and Saboteur are games that are dedicated at the casual gamer to play at home with family and friends. But, as there is also an Organized Play, this time it’s different: it’s about competition, fame and prices. Of course fun is still a vital part of the game, but I don’t think that any of the competitors is only here for the fun. All of them want to win the title and take home these great prices. Take a look at the huge price support:
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Interview: Gabor Gyongyosi of Piatnik Budapest Kft.

MD Piatnik
Gabor Gyongyosi is the managing director of Piatnik Budapest Kft. Piatnik is a Vienna based company and he’s responsible for the local branch of the company.
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