This weekend, we came to Warsaw to find two new World Champions – for the tricky and mind-gaming cardgames of Wizard and Saboteur!


We find ourselves in the „Paris of the East“ as Warsaw was described once. Another title given is „Phoenix City“ due to the brutal history and the uprising of Warsaw after 85% destruction after World War II.

Today, the city is the capital and largest city of Poland with 1.765 Million residents and over 3 Million in the greater area of the city. It is located at the Vistula River in which direct neighbourhood we have the PGE Narowody Stadium.

At this very moment, Brigitte from AMIGO makes the Welcoming Announcements with continuing the Head Judge Announcements to ensure Fairplay for everybody.

In each game, there are two rounds played, then everyone will have a lunch break with another two rounds following. After four rounds in total, we have a final playoff table to determine the new World Champions!


Having everything explained, there is just one thing left to say – May the best player win!