Good morning and welcome to the Amigo Wizard and Saboteur World Championships here in Riga (Latvia). Amigo and the local distribution partner Brain Games are hosting this great event for us today. Coverage will continue all day long. We will provide video footage, interviews, pictures and so on.

The event is taking place as part of a large board games festival, called ‚BaltiCon‘, in the Riga National Library. It’s the first event of this kind for the Baltic countries – so it seems that board games are quite popular here these days. This and the popularity of Brain Games game Icecool are the major reasons, why the event is held here in Riga.

Wizard and Saboteur are very successful games and keep on spreading. Organized Play is a vital part of their success. It’s not about pure fun anymore, suddenly it’s also about competition and qualification. There are quite a lot local distributors that hosted National Championships in their countries to send their Champions to Riga. Only the best players are here to duke it out and fight for the title of the World Champion.

It is a very exclusive event. Each country sent their winner and some their runner-up as well. 25 players out of 8 different countries remain to compete in the Wizard Main Event.  In the Saboteur Event 32 players out of 18 different countries remain trying to win the title.

We are going to play 4 rounds of Swiss and make a top cut afterwards. Wizard magicians will continue to play Top 4 whereas Saboteur will be cutting to the Top 6 players. After this final round we will crown the new World Champions. So stay tuned we will be live all day long and provide you with the newest updates and features of what’s going on here today. The whole team is already pumped and looking forward to the start. Let’s get it on!