We are early in the afternoon and players are heading for lunch. We decided to make use of the break and take a look at the top players of each tournament. Who kept his chances alive and who is already out of the race? Take a look for yourself!

Going into the tournament each participant had a chance to win. After two rounds we are halfway through Swiss with favourites emerging.

In the Saboteur event Spain is making a very strong showing with Martin Oscar Portero currently sitting in the top spot. Monika Nagelmüller (Austria) on place 2 and Justinas Noreika (Latvia) on place 3 are also still in quite good position.

At the Wizard event Thomas Zelger from Italy currently leading the pack. Behind him following Brian Weippert (Canada), Marko Sapiano (Canada), Ignaz Punz (Austria), Vasileios Papadakis (Greece) and Spyros Keramas (Greece) with the same points total.