Jason van Haecke is the National Champion of the United States. He travelled all the way from Indiana to Budapest. We asked him for an interview to find out how he feels about the game and the event itself.

Why did start playing Wizard?

I had gone to a gaming convention and the local publisher was holding state championships. The winner would get a game for free. I joined to win a free game and ended up winning the whole event. I got hooked because winning the state championships qualified me for regionals. I won that as well and went on to win US nationals as well. I won three events in a row and I’m feeling very confident going into this event. I’m on a winning streak and hope to continue it today.

What’s great about the game?

It’s the aspect that even when you have bad cards in your hand you can still win. You are not dependent on getting a good hand in order to win. That’s a lot different to all the other card games I know. The key factor to success is patience. You have to know when to give a trick away in order to win the round. Sometimes you want to intentionally loose a trick to hurt the opponent. In fact, you don’t really play the cards. You play your opponents. The game is a lot like poker in that aspect.

How do feel about events like this?

I wouldn’t have played all this events if it wasn’t for World Championships. I have prepared a lot for today playing with my friends. I want to continue my winning streak today *smiles*.

Anything else?

I’m shocked that there are only 22 players at the event. This event should be a lot larger as it’s a great game and people should know about this. It should be a lot bigger as good as Amigo is treating us.