MD Piatnik
Gabor Gyongyosi is the managing director of Piatnik Budapest Kft. Piatnik is a Vienna based company and he’s responsible for the local branch of the company.

Hello Gabor, thank’s for taking your time. Please tell us a little about your company and what you are doing?

We are localising games for our mother company Piatnik. Their most popular brands are Activity and Tik Tak Boom. Our latest release is Yangtze which will be promoted at this convention. In Hungary we are also representing other brands as well like games from our partner AMIGO. We started with card games like 15 years ago. The first big Wizard event outside of Germany was in Budapest and we are very proud of that. Today it’s the second time we are here in Budapest.

Why did start publishing Saboteur?

We were already very successful with Wizard in Hungary. So we decided to include Saboteur to our portfolio as well. We started with the basic game which sold very well. Then we added Saboteur 2 which is basically an extension to the main game. Every year we come out with new card or board game. This year it is “Up the Rock”.

How do spread information about your products and events?

We have a Facebook page as well as a web page. There we have all the players of the finals of our national championships as well as statistics and pictures. It’s really worth visiting.

How do you feel about Organized Play?

I think that these championships – mainly local championships help a lot to make the games known for a wider public. We had the first Wizard Championship with 12 people and now we had 200 people entering the event. That’s a huge success for us.

Can you please explain the difference to a Trading Card Game?

I think the basic difference to a TCG is that you build your own deck. At these games everybody plays with a common deck. I think that’s one of the main reasons why the atmosphere at these games is far more relaxed. Still, everybody wants the pride and fame. The closer we get to the finals the more you can feel the tension among players.

Do play any of these games yourself?

My whole family plays the games. My daughter even managed to go to the final tables of our National Championship. She got unlucky and ended up getting third.

What are your next goals?

The goal is to make it available to all stores and make them known among customers. You can play the game with the family and children but you also play it in a competitive way. IT attracts a wide audience. The success of Wizard in Germay tells me that there is a big market for the game and we want to get bigger every year. We have comventions and competitons to achieve that.

Any final words?

Thanks for the interview and “Udvozlunk Budapesten!” which means welcome to Budapest!