We had a long and great tournament – 235 players, almost excactly half of them Trading Card Game players and the other half Video Game players – battled for many hours until the champions were crowned. Let’s take a look back on this last Arena-Cup of the year.

TCG Results and Strategy
Metagame Analysis (Masters)
Deck Feature with Hannes S. (Marowak/Lucario/Crobat)
Seniors and Juniors Winners
Masters Winners and Top 8 Decks

VG Results and Strategy
Team Feature with Stephan A.
Seniors and Juniors Winners
Masters Winners and Top 4 Teams
Metagame Analysis (Masters)

Quick Questions
The new TCG format with BREAKthrough (available only in German)
A possible new VG format (available only in German)

Other Articles
Retrospect of the 2015 AMIGO OP events (available only in German)
Staff Team

Photo Galleries
Registration and Preparation
Event in Action
Final Hours

Opinions on the format change
Merchandise everywhere
Feature Match: VG Seniors Finals (incl. English commentary)
Interview with the Krakow Crew
Feature Match: TCG Masters Round 5 (featured Marowak deck – incl. English commentary)
Feature Match: TCG Seniors Finals (incl. English commentary)
Feature Match: VG Masters Finals (incl. English commentary)
Poké Parents
Feature Match: TCG Masters Top 8 (incl. English commentary)