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Although we explained the colours of the Volunteers in last year’s coverage, it seems like a good idea to do it again this year since there’s a new shirt colour this time – the AMIGO Volunteer Team now is more colourful than ever. So we want to show you who is who and who can help you if you have a certain question. Cause each colour means a different position!



AMIGO Staff wear shirts in red since last year. As the „heart“ of the team they are responsible for the whole event: organisation, flow, shop and media & IT is their field of duty. If you have general questions about the event, they are happy to help you. At the Pokémon National Championship there’s also an Info Point where you can ask your general questions and where lost items are collected so you can get them back.

Head Judges & Support


Our Heads who wear yellow T-shirts have different responsibilities: six of them are the Head Judges of the respective TCG and Video Game tournaments and are responsible for the smooth run of the events. If you disagree with a Judge’s ruling you have the right to appeal to the Head Judge who then will make the final decision. The seventh person in yellow is the Support Team lead and takes care of the issues aside from both Championships.

TCG Judges


The Judges for the TCG tournament are running on the floor in their red T-shirts. The players may call them to ask questions concerning the rules of the game and other problems related to a Match. Some of them regularly do Deck Checks to check the player’s decks for correctness and conformity with the deck lists that were collected prior to the tournament.

VGC Judges


The blue T-shirts are worn by the Judges of the Video Game – different from the latest events. You can call them to get help for solving technical problems with your Nintendo 3DS. But they also try to run the tournament as smooth as possible by collecting Match Result slips and regularly testing the games for legality during the Swiss rounds.



Orange is the new colour that was added to the „AMIGO shirt rainbow“. The Support Team are the ones who wear these new T-shirts; they have many different positions: the so-called Walking Act (they often wear a Pikachu costume), the Judges in the Public Events and the Admins who are responsible for entering the results. Also the lady at the Info point I explained earlier wears an orange T-shirt.

Coverage & Stage


If you see people in white shirts: That’s us, the Coverage Team. It does not only consist of us writers, whose articles you can read right on this webpage here, but also of a photographer and the directors and commentators of the Twitch Live Stream (there are several technical experts and AMIGO staff who look after the technical things of the stream). The Stage Manager who makes the announcements during the event also wears a white shirt.