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Trading Card Game metagame analysis


The main part of an exciting tournament is over, and while the top players are competing for the title of the champion, we’re taking a look at the metagame of the Masters Division.

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Top 8 Bracket TCG Masters


The last rounds of the Arena Cup 2014 in Bremen are just taking place. Here is an overview over the top 8 bracket.

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Senior TCG Champion has been crowned!


After four exciting swiss rounds and top 4 Joleen S. was able to win the tournament with her Yveltal deck. She defeted Senor runner up Lucas-Felix in the finals.

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Fotogalerie: Impressionen / impressions

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Deck Feature with Marc Lutz – Manectric Kyurem


Marc Lutz is a very strong and well known player in Europe. He always manages to end at high ranks in tournaments. Highlight of his last season was propably the European Challange Cup in Arnhem, which he won.

Today he is playing a Manectric/Kyurem deck. Marc just intentinally drawed, so he now has a record of 3-0-2. With only one more win, he will make the top cut.

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Video Game Masters metagame analysis


The Video Game Masters swiss rounds are ending soon. Time to take a look at our local metagame today. Which Pokémon were most popular and what mega evolutions did the trainers pick this time?

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Metagame-Analyse der Video Game Masters


Während sich die Vorrunden der Masters im Video Game dem Ende zuneigen, schauen wir uns einmal das heutige Metagame an. Welches waren die beliebstesten Pokémon und auf welche Mega-Entwicklungen haben die Trainer diesmal gesetzt?

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Juniors TCG Champion is crowned!


After three rounds of hard battles Caroline M. was crowned as undefeated champion with her Pyroar deck!

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